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Service Honda 500AF

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Robbie Maddison and the Service Honda 500AF hold 1ST place in the Motorcycle distance jump world record at 322.7 ft.

Former record holder Trigger Gumm and the Service Honda 500AF hold Motorcycle distance jump world record at 277.5 ft.

Nothing tests a motorcycles' strength, durability and quality like launching it over 200 ft. thousands of times. Robbie's and Trigger's bike uses no special reinforcement in the frame and has had no failures. You may never jump your 500AF for a world record but it is nice to know the 500AF is ready when you are.

A bike becomes a legend by dominating the competition in every motocross and off road situation. The Service Honda 500AF adds another chapter to the legend that is the Service Honda 500AF.

The 500AF utilizes a 4th generation chassis, refined suspension and an aggressive look. The 500AF combines the fierce power of the CR500 engine and the advanced features of the latest chassis resulting in the most powerful and versatile off road motorcycle today.

The 500AF’s unique combination of unequaled power, nimble handling, stability and durability makes it ideally suited to a wide variety of riding conditions. Roosting your buddies in the dunes, blasting through the desert, cutting through challenging trails or punishing berms at the local motocross track, the 500AF performs flawlessly in all conditions.

Many areas require the use of spark arrestor silencers that are noise emission certified. These silencers are available as an option. Unique to the motorcycle world, the easy to control power of the 500AF is undiminished by these regulatory requirements.

The 500AF is not only functionally superior, it is also downright stunning with slim bodywork accenting the massive cylinder. Throw in anodized black rims and rear sprocket and the 500AF is not only pretty looking, it is pretty mean looking.

The 500AF is available with numerous options including cylinder porting, suspension and many others. We can custom build the bike to fit your specific needs, all with the quality you expect from Service Honda. The price of this very special motorcycle is only $10,499.

Please print and fill out This order form completely and return it with deposit or call us at 219.932.3588 to order. Don't forget that we can completely customize your bike for you as we are building it. Take a look at the options on the customization page we have available for you to choose from. Bikes will be shipped based on receipt of deposit.

The 500AF delivery time will vary from 4-6 weeks from the receipt of your deposit for motorcycles built to your specifications.

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Specifications subject to change without notice

Read what Transworld MX had to say about the 500AF in June of 2004




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